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Paint Brush


Great - you are one step closer to getting a mural and creating a space that makes a bold and colourful statement!

First question that is likely to be on your mind, is how much this will cost. This all depends on the space and intricacy of the design that you would like. In order to get a more precise quote, send as many details about the space you'd like transforming. Try to include details such as dimensions, surface type and what kind of design you'd like and from there Alice will get in touch as soon as possible with a quote. If you're unsure about what kind of design you'd like, this is something that you and Alice can discuss at a later date to ensure your new mural is exactly how you pictured it!


Fill in the form below with as much information about the space you'd like transforming and I will respond with a quote! 

Thanks for submitting!
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